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1. How long do your rides take?


Ride lengths can vary due to unforeseen circumstances; however, most of the time our rides are done with the following time frames:

  • Hour Rides - take around 60 minutes from the time leaving the pack station to the time returning to the pack station

  • Hour and a Half Rides - take around 90 minutes from the time leaving the pack station to the time returning to the pack station

  • Two Hour Rides - take around 120 minutes from the time leaving the pack station to the time returning to the pack station


2. Can I ride on the same horse with my child?


Sorry but for everyone's safety, we do not allow double riding for any of guests.  It is unsafe to ride this way.


3. Can we run the horses?


Our trails travel through the mountains with rocks, trees, hills, wildlife, and other obstacles that the horses must walk through and we have children on most of our rides. Because of this, our trail rides are walking only and we do not allow guests to run the horses. If you are caught continuously trying to run the horses, you will be led back into the pack station by the Wrangler or your ride will be terminated at the sight of the incident without refund and you will need to be picked up at the nearest road location.


4. Can we take our video cameras or film with our phones?


As long as you can keep ahold of the reins throughout the entire ride, we encourage you to take as many pictures as you can to document your adventure; however, we do not allow guests to video the rides with any sort of device. This is for safety reasons because if you are filming and not paying attention, you could run into something, drop your device, or become dizzy from looking through the device while the horse is moving and fall off. Please do not film during the ride.


5. Can we wear a backpack during our ride?


Sorry, but we do not allow guests to ride with a backpack or anything else strapped around your back or neck, including cameras. This is to prevent those objects from getting stuck on a tree or any other object and pulling you from your horse. We have HORN BAGS that sit in front of you on the horse that will hold a items that you wish to take with you.


6. Can I ride right next to my child/friend/significant other?


Due to the nature of our trails being narrow in most places, we ride single file at all times and do not allow people to ride side by side. However, during the rides, we do our best to keep parties grouped together, parents/children/significant others/friends riding close to each other, and children in the front of the rides next to our Wranglers should they need extra help.


7. Is smoking allowed while riding the horse?


Smoking is not allowed during the rides. This is a zero-tolerance policy for us and if caught, we will terminate your ride at the sight of the incident without refund and you will need to be picked up at the nearest road location.


8. Can I choose my horse?


We choose the horses for our guests according the age, height, weight, and riding experience information that you provided; however, depending on how busy the ride is, you may ask us about riding a certain horse. If the ride is not fully booked, your choice is a suitable horse for you, and it is available, we will try to get you on the horse you requested if we can.


9. What clothing do you recommend for riding?


We recommend long pants, shirts, and closed toe shoes. We would also recommend a sweatshirt or light weight coat that can be tied around your waist as the weather can be unpredictable in the mountains. We do not allow guests to wear plastic ponchos as not all horses like the sound or sight of those articles of clothing on top of them. Please keep that in mind while preparing to ride if the weather calls for possible rain. We would recommend a coat or waterproof wind breaker for such days.


10. Do I have to wear a helmet?


Children under the age of 16 must wear a helmet while riding with us. They may bring their own bike helmets or we have helmets available free of charge. Adults and riders who are 16 years old or older may decide not to wear a helmet but must say so on the Acknowledgement of Risk Form.


11. My child and/or I have a disability and/or health condition. Can I still ride?


We allow people with health conditions (e.g., allergies, etc.) and/or disabilities to ride with us as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The health conditions and/or disabilities are disclosed to Mammoth Lakes Pack Outfit prior to getting on the horse

  • The health conditions and/or disabilities are not such that the person can not safely sit, ride, and control the horse

  • The person has all medicines or treatments (e.g., EpiPen, etc.) that are needed to treat any problems that may arise during the ride

  • The persons health conditions and/or disabilities do not cause any safety threats or concerns to themselves or other riders


12. Is there a weight limit?


Weight limits for riders are made on a per basis situation according to the person's height to wieght ratio, athleticism, and riding experience. Ask or call us at (888) 475-8747 or (760) 934-2434 with any questions regarding this. If we don't allow someone to ride, we are sorry that we can't accommodate you but it is for your safety and the safety of our horses.


13. How many people ride with us?


We try to keep our rides to no more than seven (7) riders and one Wrangler per group; however, if the rides are fully booked, this number of riders may vary to accomodate all of our riders. If you have a large party, please let us know and make a reservation so that we may accommodate your party's needs.


14. What's the weather going to be like for our ride?


Weather is unpredicatable and variable in the mountain environment that we ride in. As such, you should double check the weather forecast in the morning on the date of your ride to be sure that you are dressed and prepared for the temperatures and weather that may happen during your ride. Please see Recommended Clothing.


15. I never been on a horse. Is that ok? Do you have gentle horses?


All of our horses and mules are well trained, gentle, and safe to ride; however, horses and mules are animals with their own thoughts and minds. As such, unforeseen circumstances can happen when riding such animals. But, we do our best to choose horses that will keep our guests safe and allow everyone to enjoy their ride. ** Be sure to be honest when telling us your ability level, as we use that information to pick the best horse for your level. **


16. How old do you have to be to ride?


We have rides to accommodate almost all age groups and our age limits are as follows:

  • Walk & Lead - Ages 3 to 6

  • 1 Hour Rides - Age 7+

  • 1.5 Hour Rides - Age 7+

  • 2 Hour Rides - Age 9+

  • Half Day Rides - Age 10+

  • Full Day Rides - Age 10+


17. Do you ride in the rain?


We will ride in any weather as long as you want to ride. Please come dress accordingly if you choose to ride in weather and please let us know if you are going to come or not. We will gladly reschedule your ride to another time or day (changes to new times/date will depend upon availability) if you choose to not ride in the inclement weather.

Recommended Clothing
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